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The Story of Andrew Found

The vision of Andrew Found is to “build your team”, hoping to help customers build their teams and assist job seekers in their career path. We believe that human resource recruitment agencies are the key between human resource personnel and talents. This is why Andrew Found’s professional recruitment consultants actively build connections between customers and candidates.


Founder and Director, Mr. Chok-Him CHO, Him Sir

Mr. Chok-Him CHO, (Him Sir), the founder and director of Andrew Found, graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a degree in Systems Engineering and Engineering Management. As an outstanding entrepreneur with more than 10 years of experience in talent recruitment and business development. He is keen on leading the team to improve the competitiveness of local enterprises through accurate and efficient talent matching with his strong leadership.

Him Sir has worked in business development or management roles for several career matching platforms, e.g. JobsDB, CareerTimes (now known as CTgoodjobs), etc., and later joined the US company Agile-1 to be responsible for them as a business development representative of Staffing Solutions (HRM solutions), in the meantime, he got close connections with various corporate managements, which laid the foundation for future entrepreneurship. In 2016, Him Sir decided to start his human resources brand, transforming his IT industry connections into future client networks, combined with the accumulated contacts, and officially embarked on the road of headhunting.

Him Sir believes that an excellent human resource consultant needs to have a tactful and keen sense of the market, and be willing to be a listener to others. He leads a team of professional consultants to help talents explore careers through in-depth communication, and formulate professional strategic analysis and implementation plans for talent hunting for enterprises.