Our Company

About Andrew Found Established in 2016, Andrew Found is a human resource consulting firm. The founding team took the lead in discovering the huge demand of talents for the Information Technology industry, thus we focus on recruiting young blood and experienced experts in the IT field, and release enormous development potentials.

Massive Talent Database

We build a growing database with more than 10,000 talents now. 8 experienced recruiting experts who are serving more than 50 cross-sector companies. So far, we have successfully matched more than 100 digital talents, widely recognized and praised among the industries.

Focus on IT Talents Matching

To prevent traditional businesses from being eliminated, many employers have launched digital transformation projects to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises through up-to-date technology long before the outbreak of the epidemic. The COVID-19 epidemic has accelerated Hong Kong’s move towards digitization, resulting in a strong demand for digital talents in the IT industry. Research shows that in the next 5 years, the industry would demand an additional 100,000 IT talents, and the essential needs are much higher than the traditional service and retail industries. In recent years, many countries like Australia provide immigration opportunities for IT experts, which reflects the global shortage of IT talents. The rigid demand is bound to arise. To attract talent, various enterprises have added manpower one after another, and the annual salary of some wanted positions can reach a million.


Andrew Found

Focus on recruiting talents in the IT field, provide young blood for the industry, and grasp the major trends of the new era.

The True IT Professionals to Acquire

Our recruitment consultants are seasoned human resources professionals with extensive experiences in the IT industry, who are also technophiles. They are familiar with the latest workplace trends and technology knowledge, understand the needs of clients and know-well the pursuit of job seekers. They are good at connecting job seekers and employers and establishing good communication and cooperation relationships.

Various Job Options

We focus on the recruitment of IT talents, among which popular areas include cloud service, big data, artificial intelligence, financial technology (fintech), web & mobile application development, and information security, etc.


The latest job openings include: Senior Developer, Test Support, IT Business Analyst, Software Engineer, Developer, Senior Tax Officers, Human Resources experts and more.

Our Clients

Andrew Found’s clients come from local to multinational companies, and their business scope includes electronic trading, digital media, private banking, luxury goods, logistics, information technology, application development, financial technology (fintech), mechanical & automation engineering, retail, and education, etc.